Flip Flopping CEO

Flip Flopping CEO When a business owner or CEO makes a decision on a direction and announces it to his team, the typical expectation is that the team will move forward with an execution plan. But what happens when, mid execution, the CEO changes his mind, reverses course and, effectively says, ‘just kidding’?  It seems […]

Bench Marking…yourself

Bench Marking…yourself The definition of bench marking is to ‘evaluate or check (something) by comparison with a standard’. I am a big fan of this practice and regularly suggest it to clients. We are often discussing company metrics and performance when the idea of bench marking comes put.  But what about a bench mark for […]

Help Is On The Way

Help Is On The Way Since I work closely with each member of my groups, I get to know in what areas they have specific expertise.  I catalog this information so that when I see a member struggling with a certain issue, I can ask the member or members who are strong in that area […]

Inner Circle

Inner Circle Some CEOs truly get the value of peer advisory groups. They know that they can bring their deepest, darkest concerns and their wildest dreams to the group to have them vetted, aired out or simply heard. Once they get the value that this brings, they start to think, ‘how can I extend this […]

Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Don’t Know What You Don’t Know When I am in the one to one individual coaching, I typically listen for what the CEO is not saying. Often times, I will hear them talk about the same issues over and over. When this happens, I ask myself, ‘what are we missing’?  That is when I suspect […]