Help Is On The Way

Since I work closely with each member of my groups, I get to know in what areas they have specific expertise.  I catalog this information so that when I see a member struggling with a certain issue, I can ask the member or members who are strong in that area to speak to the problem.  If a member is having serious and complex problems, the group will deploy what we call a Tiger Team to help out.

A Tiger Team is simply a small group of Vistage members who will band together, meet with the business owner or CEO, typically at their business and do a deeper dive into their problem.

This often results in a much more rapid solution and fills the immediate need.  Members who have availed themselves of Tiger Team efforts have, on occasion, stated that it was a life saving move.

It does not happen often, but a business owner can find himself in sudden, deep financial trouble.  Often, when this happens, he is so involved in the day to day operation, he does not have the time or focus to fix the bigger problem.  This is where outside efforts from his trusted Vistage brothers and sisters can step up and help guide the business back on track.

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