Inner Circle

Some CEOs truly get the value of peer advisory groups. They know that they can bring their deepest, darkest concerns and their wildest dreams to the group to have them vetted, aired out or simply heard. Once they get the value that this brings, they start to think, ‘how can I extend this to my team?’. In several cases, my CEOs have come to me and asked me to bring the coaching and peer concept to their companies. 

This is when I created the Inner Circle concept. At an Inner Circle group, we deploy the same concept as we do in their Vistage meetings except we do it with an executive team or middle managers.  

The goal in either case, is to give the group a collective voice with the CEO or ownership. I often find, even with my CEO members, they believe that they have delivered the message that the company direction is going one way and their internal teams believe that they heard a different direction.  

The Inner Circle allows me, the Chair, to help them connect in a way that they often cannot when left to traditional communication methods.

The results that we have seen is that companies find more focused alignment, have happier employees, and reach their revenue goals quicker.

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