I’ve been a member of Larry’s advisory group since its inception. I joined with the goal of improving my business management and networking skills, and this is exactly what I got and more. What I find really helpful every time we meet is how deep we dig into issues relating to business development, personnel matters, and managing my firm. 

The group also helped me improve how I can communicate more effectively with my clients, contacts, and prospects. I attribute retaining at least two new clients since joining Larry’s group through the advice I received directly from our meetings. There’s never a dull moment when we get together for our monthly meeting as Larry always keeps the meeting moving through his leadership as well as his sense of humor. 

Larry also tactfully provides his input on personal and health matters, knowing fully well that to be successful at work, you must also be leading a healthy lifestyle and a gratifying personal life. This to me is one of many aspects that Larry has helped me with to become a better business advisor and business developer as well as a better person overall. 

Hani Sharestan, Tax Partner

Being the CEO of a rapidly growing Health Care Technology company, I found it difficult to manage my time and find the answers I needed for critical aspects of my business. Through my peer group of Vistage Members and Larry’s coaching, I’m able to leverage the expertise of others who have or are currently dealing with the same key issues that I do in my business.

I find the relationships and knowledge I have received through Vistage to be extremely valuable and integral to the continued growth and success of my business. 

Ross Seymour, Chief Executive Officer

My company was growing at a rapid rate, and I had big ideas. I had questions about insurance, employee issues, growth, structure, and hiring. I came to Vistage to work with other CEOs experiencing the same growing pains I experienced.

I started working with Larry Greene and he was a great sounding board for tough decisions I had to make for my business. Larry helped my business grow and helped create a newfound work-life balance.

I highly recommend Vistage and our group to any CEO looking to grow their business. 

Sabina Keil, Chief Executive Officer

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